Each of these interactive quizzes is self-marking. As a result 100% accuracy is needed; where you have to write an answer, mistakes in your typing will not be ignored. You have been warned!

1 - Spelling

Look at a word, cover it then try to spell it. Sounds easy? It's harder than you think!

Subject spellings
English - Poetry
English - Various(1)
English - Various(2)
Media Studies
AQA Anthology Writers (1)
AQA Anthology Writers (2)
AQA Anthology Writers (3)
Grammatical Terms (1)
Grammatical Terms (2)

Basic spellings
Double letters
'ai' sounds
'ar' sounds
'ay' sounds
'ea' sounds (as in the word 'eat')
'ee' sounds
'or' sounds
'-ible' words
'-able' and '-eable' words

2 - Multiple-choice quizzes

These quizzes cover various subjects. Don't be fooled - multiple-choice quizzes can be tricky!

Poetic terms and techniques
Commonly confused words and phrases

3 - Correction typing

Think you can spot ALL of the mistakes in a short passage? Can you get everything right the first time? Prove it! The quizzes below require 100% accuracy so be careful when typing and check before having each question marked. Rogue spaces and typing errors, for example, will lose you points!

Full stops and capital letters

4 - Make Your Own

Got your own site? Add multiple-choice quizzes - without any technical know how! (Well, very little.)

Make your own multiple-choice quiz