This page is an index of some resources and sites that you may find useful.

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Robert Smyth Academy English Faculty Web Site
Links on a variety of areas, including GCSE and A Level English.

BBC Bitesize
A popular site with a large amount of very useful material for most subjects.

Andrew Moore's English Language and Literature Site
A premiere and comprehensive site. It will make you wonder why anyone else bothers.

Fun Brain
An interactive site with games to assist your learning. Make sure you've tried the ones on this site first!

The Guardian newspaper's new education site launched early May 2000. At the moment this is rather limited, but if it lives up to the promises, it may well rival the BBC Bitesize site.

This is a lively site with lots of useful resources for GCSE English. It's written by a teacher so it must be good!

This is site is managed by a former English teacher and is collection of resources for the teaching of English to all ages. New material is being added all the time, and there's a section on KS5. Files are in .pdf format unless you subscribe.

Books Unlimited
This is an offshoot of the Guardian Unlimited site and contains a large amount of material, particularly on contemporary fiction and recent publications. Past reviews from about 1997 onwards are searchable. There's also things that didn't appear in the newspaper, so it is worth exploring.

Penguin Classics
This site is growing all the time and, although limited in terms of texts covered, is very useful.

Abe Books
If you want a book that is out of print, try looking here. It indexes thousands of independent second-hand bookshops, many of which are in the UK. I have used this service and within 5 days of emailing the shop with my request the book arrived.

English 1
A useful site with general information useful for GCSE and A Level students.

If the jargon of today's new technology is flummoxing you this site may just have the answer. Now you can find out what all those ridiculous acronyms mean!

David James' Storyteller site
A colourful site with lots of useful resources based on the use of storytelling in education.

Converse: The Literature Site
This site is designed for KS3, KS4 and 16+ English. It has been developed by the Faculty of English at Cambridge University and contains many resources including articles, interactive games and a teachers' handbook.

Media Studies

Robert Smyth Academy Media Studies Department Web Site
Links on a variety of areas, including GCSE and A Level English.

Media Guardian
Yet another off-shoot of the now vast Guardian Unlimited site, this is an invaluable resource for all students of Media Studies. The site is updated each week and offers virtually all that the paper Media Guardian offers as well as archive search. Launched September 2000.

Lots of information here, including some past material from 'Sight and Sound' magazine.

This is an encyclopedic site on print advertising. Content is arranged thematically, chronologically and geographically. Well worth a look.

The Internet Movie Database
The Internet Movie Database - you may never need another source of information. This is well worth exploring, simply to observe for yourself the vastness of it. For example, the runtime on the Australian cinema release of 'Jaws' is 127 minutes but in Finland it was just 119. Or, you can view the promotional posters, the cast lists, credits etc etc etc.

Melon Farmers
A site devoted to criticising the BBFC and censorship in general. Want to know exactly how much of 'Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot!' was cut? It's here. Also, there is a tremendous amount of material from both sides of the censorship debate.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth
As this site is a part of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, it conforms to academic standards, not always common on the www. It covers many aspects of Media education and contains material by both established authorities and undergraduates.

Semiotics for Beginners
Although part of the above site I felt 'Semiotics for Beginners' needed a separate mention. It is very detailed and includes a full bibliography. And it is now available in Greek translation, too.

This site is interesting because it gives you the opportunity to read about and view the various (controversial) advertising campaigns the company has run from the early 1990s onwards.